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My papers

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8725My CVDownload
17248My thesis about "Constrained, non-linear, derivative-free parallel optimization of continuous, high computing load, noisy objective functions"Download
4010"Edy Bertolissi, Antoine Duchâteau, Hugues Bersini, Frank Vanden Berghen. Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Control for MIMO Processes, Accepted to the FUZZ-IEEE 2000 conference, San Antonio, Texas, 7-10 May, 200Download
4263A chapter of a book on Fuzzy Control published by Hermes-SciencesDownload
3406IRIDIA internal report on Fuzzy control algorithmDownload
6521A tutorial on Q-learning algorithms (PDF)Download
6126A tutorial on Image Processing for classification purposesDownload
5858A paper/tutorial on state-of-the-art classification techniques (and more precisely on classification trees and BAGFS technique)Download
7522C++ primer to know everything about OO in C++ (in french)Download

My Programs

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8289The C++ code of my optimizer based on Lagrange polynomials and Trust Region Algorithm (Yes, it's free!). It is faster than many commercial optimizers but it's still limited to 150 free variables.Download
3636The NLMIMO matlab toobox for fuzzy/lazy/NN identification and controlDownload
5117The Q-learning robot applet (JAR file)Download
5846The Q-learning robot applet (source code)Download
7438The C/C++ code of my hyper-fast image processing toolboxDownload
5368The classification toolbox based on classification trees combined with Boosting, Bagging, Feature Selection, Stacking, Round Robin Scheme (C++ code) (new: version V3 !)Download
3396The test code for the stepper motors for the JStamp ROBOTDownload
18186Simple, highly-portable, heavily tested, TFTP server/client (unix C code)Download
4611Genetic algorithm for optimization of continuous function (C++ code)Download
3598Standard "Stack" class to learn basic OO in C++Download
5521simple SNAKE game to learn JAVADownload
5033Client/Server "Internet chat" to learn TCP/IP programmation (with sockets) in JAVADownload
3152An illustration of Dynamic Linking in JAVA (crond deamon)Download
3872Mohr's circle applet (JAR file+code)Download
3612High speed, binary, file compare (win32 exe + C code)Download
3444Resident, highly customizable, two players, TETRIS gameDownload
4409REGsetup: Simple, smart, "Regedit" replacement tool (win32 exe + C code)Download
3352The new stand-alone Lazy learning ToolBoxDownload
5319The C code of my improved Rosenbrock optimizerDownload
4216An illustration of the "back-propagation of the error" learning algorithm in artificial neural network (JAVA code).Download
6985The latest free version of the Code of the Condor Optimizer. Cross-platform (Windows/unix), unconstrained optimization only. The evaluation of the objective function can fail on some points. Interfaces are ampl(very primitive), SIF, XML, C++ native.Download
5174Binaries of CONDOR 1.11 for windows (include test examples). Fully functionnal constrained code. Time limit of one month.Download
3782Binaries of CONDOR 1.11 for Unix (Static compile on Redhat 9)(include test examples). Fully functionnal constrained code. Time limit of one month.Download
4489Pre-compiled MEX-file of CONDOR 1.11 for Matlab-Windows (include test examples). Fully functionnal constrained code. No time limit. (Tested with matlab 5.x and 6.x)Download
34593small, simple, cross-platform, free and fast C++ XML ParserDownload
4685mini-SSE-L1-BLAS library: implements only LEVEL 1 BLAS functions on x86 processor with SSE/SSE2 support. Assembler level optimizations have been performed to ensure that peak performances are attained. It should be faster than any other implementation.DrDownload
4965The new ultraFast LARS engine with n-fold-cross-validation and ridge regressionDownload
1807Pre-compiled MEX-file of CONDOR 1.11 for Matlab-Linux-32-bit (include test examples). Fully functionnal constrained code. No time limit.Download
1664Pre-compiled MEX-file of CONDOR 1.11 for Matlab-Linux-64-bit (include test examples). Fully functionnal constrained code. No time limit.Download
12979KKCM Free (Kranf Kindle Collection Manager Free)Download

My tutorials (in French, from the hobby part of the site)

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2781Un tutorial sur la prise de photos sous-marine.Download
2864Des trucs et astuces pour aller vite en kartDownload
3343Un tutorial sur comment devenir un cracheur de feu.Download

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Stuff from Sabrina (my fiancée)

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18545Simple, powerfull and stable FullScreen TV Viewer (no code/win32 executable only). New in Version V2.2: sound support, command line arguments, capture device property pages, window resize&move, shadowTaskBar mode.Download
7690The Source Code of FullScreenTV V2.2Download
3500The CV of my fiancée, Sabrina WenigDownload
1998A small and free HTTP proxy with password protection and HTML page filtering based on keywords (this is part of a scholar work done during my studies at the VUB).Download

Total number of downloads: 292938